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Resume Editing Services

Resumes are documents mainly written by job seekers to their potential employers. A resume mainly entails a job seeker’s skills and competences that make him/her suitable for the vacancy advertised. Editing on the other hand is the process whereby different mistakes that might have been done during writing are identified and corrected. Editing of a resume paper requires reliable writing skills and knowledge of the language used. Resume editing is not easy thus many people usually seek for assistance from various online writing companies. At, we offer quality resume editing services since we have hired well trained writers who have adequate knowledge when it comes to resume writing. Our resume editing service is limited to resumes with not more than two pages. Our resume editing package also requires a customer to complete a questionnaire and submit it to us.

Some of the resume updates that we usually do include;

  • Adding new or missing information
  • Creating a new opening summary
  • Reorganizing existing information to reflect new job goals
  • Removing outdated information
  • Correcting grammatical and semantic mistakes that the paper may entail

The editing process

The first draft of the edited resume paper is usually submitted to the customer seven days after the customer has filled his questionnaire. The company also allows unlimited email interaction with the customer’s editor. After receiving the first draft the customer is allowed to ask for a maximum of two revisions within seven days after receiving the first draft. The company also has an express delivery whereby customers get to receive their first drafts 72 hours after submitting the questionnaire.

Qualified editors and proofreaders

Best writers usually make best editors and proofreaders since they have adequate knowledge of what is required from a resume paper. Most companies fail to provide reliable editing services since they do not have experienced editors and proofreaders. At, we have hired professional editors who have the skills required to ensure that customers get nothing but outstanding services. Some of the attributes that make our editors reliable at what they do include;

  • Vast experience in both writing and editing brought about by many years of working in the writing business
  • Fast and accurate proofreading and editing
  • Top academic certifications such as undergraduate degrees, masters’ degrees and PhDs
  • Excellent communication skills that enable easy communication with customers
  • Time cautiousness that enables them to beat deadlines by making deliveries on time.

Free Features

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  • Free appendices
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